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Special Annual Massage Membership

Price: $1,260.00

Sale Price: $555.00

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Prod. Code: Special Annual Massage Club

With this very Special Membership - you will enjoy one 45-minute Massage every month for an entire year - 12 Massages in total.

Take a minute and ask yourself (or your Dad, or Wife or Mom or husband or a significant other) if you have any aches or pains. Perhaps a sore back or chronic crick in your neck. Maybe your wife is suffering from a similar fate. Or your grandmother, or best friend or brother or fiance. Now, imagine that soreness gone. Think about what life would be like without the pain. Think about you and those closest to you - all with a big, happy, wrinkle-free smile. Imagine everyone's face recharged, rejuvenated and completely refreshed and free of worry. With all of the stress and environmental pollution that we endure in today's non-stop, whirlwind world - the only way to truly protect the body we are in is to schedule some quality preventative care.

This Special Membership is just the ticket to make your body the happiest on Planet Pennsylvania. Each Massage includes 45 minutes of the most customized, stress-reducing, pain-relieving, skin-enhancing massage techniques to deliver truly effective results that you will immediately feel and others will notice.

THIS Certificate is worth $555 as payment for a Special MONTHLY Massage Club Membership.