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Series of 6 Complete Organic Facials

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Prod. Code: Series of 6 Complete Organic Facials

Take a look at that face (or your face, or your dad's, or your grandmother's, or daughter's). Now, imagine that face free of worry, recharged, rejuvenated and completely refreshed. With all of the stress and enviromental pollution that face endures in today's non-stop, whirlwind world - the only way to truly protect its everlasting beauty is to provide that face with some quality preventative care. And this specially-priced package of 6 Complete Organic Facials is just the ticket to make that face the happiest on Planet Pittsburgh.

To truly realize the benefits of Traditional Hungarian Skincare - we encourage you to take advantage of this special package of 5 Complete Organic Facials. The concentrated power of 8 different plant extracts combine to rejuvenate damaged-skin and restore a youthful, healthy glow. This powerful facial is customized for each guest and is suitable for any skin-type. Each treatment is approximately 80 minutes.