Oxygen Glyco-Rose Facial

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Prod. Code: Glyco-Rose Facial

This treatment is light years ahead of rival “peel” therapy facials. The root to its enhanced performance lies in the ancient art of ACUPRESSURE, and the amazing benefits of Herzog’s patented Oxygen therapy. Acupressure (acupuncture without the needles) is over 3000 years old and deals with balancing and healing the inner self and thus the person as a whole. The Chinese teach that man is a sort of microcosm, taking his rhythm from the fluctuations of the surrounding world close and distant. The seasons, the lunar months, the days, nights, tidal fluctuations cause the human microcosm to vibrate (just as one plucks the strings of an instrument). In the same way the individuals internal atmosphere, with its storms, its variations of light and shade, its joys and its torments, has an effect in his/her health. In this treatment we use our strongest percentage of oxygen (3.6%). This converts to oxygen gas, as do all Herzog’s oxygen formulas when applied to human skin. This conversion causes an increase in pressure with the oxygen gas being denser than the liquid. The higher the oxygen content, the stronger and greater the pressure. It follows therefore, that by using 3.6% liquid oxygen, the pressure generated is great. As the cream rapidly self penetrates deep into the dermis it creates an acupressure effect on the main meridian/pressure points of the face. In conjunction the specific massage technique used in this facial ensures that real energy swirls in and out of each major meridian to ensure that blockages, stress and tension are eliminated, and the face is lifted as a result.