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At ESSpa Kozmetika Organic SkinCare YOU are the most important person we know. Without the generosity and loyalty of clients like YOU, we would not be able to provide the most up-to-date treatments and the best products. YOUR continued loyalty ensures that ESSpa Kozmetika remains true to the Hungarian traditions of Founder and nationally known Skincare Expert, Eva Sztupka-Kerschbaumer.

We have recently added video testimonials to enhance our overall experience and to better help new clients learn more about what makes us so different than any other spa.

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The following notes are just some of your comments we have been gracious enough to receive from people just like you. Your comments are always welcome.
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We invite you to read these other comments from our guests:
"Thank you! I had a really wonderful massage with Dia. She was fantastic. Exactly what I was hoping for, and more! It really was a wonderful afternoon (after my appointment I took myself to lunch at Luma). Thank you so much for the fantastic facilities and great staff. ~ Ehrrin Keenan 9/14/2009
"Eva, thank you again for a wonderful facial on Thursday. It was really nice to see you. My face feels great! It was a nice evening - I was so relaxed. And my like my eyelashes! Ooh la la! ~ Nancy Walter 02/10/2009
"I first want to say I believe this is the best spa in the entire city! Thank you for being so customer friendly."
~ Michelle Colley 08/23/2008
"Wonderful. I will remember this."
~ Wendy Chamberlin 06/24/2008
~ Rachel Kittenbrink 06/21/2008
"Friendly. Great experience."
~ Mark Esterheld 06/02/2008
"Great great great!"
~ Jason Wilt 05/15/2008
"I love everything!"
~ Christina Loper 05/11/08
"The best idea ever."
~ Lance Chatkin 05/10/2008
"This is a dream come true. I have never seen anything like this. Great concept."
~ Daniel Labuda 05/07/08
"Great service."
~ Julie Quinn 5/2/08
"I just booked the package and am so excited. It is obvious that you really care about your clients."
~ Karen Shelly 4/30/08
"I absolutely love your atmosphere, employees and services. I won't go anywhere else."
~ Shawn McGill 04/25/08
~ Marc Adelsheimer 04/23/08
"The massage was fantastic! The perfect amount of pressure and the right amount of time was spent on each part of my body. I felt the effects of the day well into the evening."
~ Artinetna 3/26/08
"Awesome. I have been to your spa with [my] daughter and we love coming to your Spa."
~ Sandra Goad 03/25/08
"I had a GREAT experience!
~ Michal Keune 03/12/08
"I was so happy to see that you got an infared sauna. It is amazing! Very relaxing and definitely worth trying. I highly recommend ESSpa Kozmetika."
~ Nicole M 03/07/08
"Your services are top notch."
~ Lauren Skrastins 02/14/2008
"After a long, frustrating afternoon of shopping, this was a treat! thanks so much."
~ Peter Perkins. (12/15/07)

"Dearest ESSpa Kozmetika, You have truly changed my outlook on customer service. Every single person that I met was nothing but nice to me while I was there this past Saturday, November 17th. I was greeted promptly and cordially as soon as I walked in. I was offered a cool and refreshing drink while I filled out my paperwork. I was escorted personally to the back by the young lady that would do my facial. That room in itself was the most relaxing place that I had ever been. She was very attentive to my needs, making sure at all times that I was comfortable and relaxed. My face afterwards was so smooth and soft. My skin is a little on the sensitive side, and not once did I feel that unknown burning sensation. I was then taken directly to the young lady that would be doing my manicure and pedicure. She was very friendly and talkative while not being overwhelming or pushy for information like some nail technicians can be. She changed the water for me just because it was a little too warm. We went into the pedicure room and she made me feel like I was the most important person in the world, sitting on those comfortable couches. Again, I left one of your staff feeling like a million dollars. I was then taken to the wonderful massage room. The one with all of the dark purple, that was simply amazing. The woman has hands of gold. I felt every ounce of stress just drip away. The time didn’t fly by either; there was no ticking clock tracking my time. It was just a full half hour of complete pampering. Thank you so much for creating your diamond in the rough. I had an absolutely awesome time and can not wait to spend more time with you and your attentive staff in such a relaxing and rejuvenating environment. Don surprised me with the gift of coming to spend the afternoon and it was by far the best present and surprise that I have ever received. ~ A million thanks, Chandra P." submitted Nov.19th @ 4:50pm

"Eva, You may have heard there was a power outage during out sessions. And you know what? It didn't make a different. The experience at Esspa was the most incredible Spa experience Mindy or I have ever had. I feel blessed and lucky that I had the chance to spend the day in your spa. Your treatments were incredible and fairly priced. Your therapists are amazing people. I will be traveling to Pittsburgh often, and you have won over a lifetime customer. ~ Aloha, James M." submitted Oct. 21 @ 12:14AM.

Eva, I want to thank you and your staff! The Girls had just a wonderful time yesterday at your Spa. I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate the excellent service you and your staff provided. These days good customer service is hard to find, but let me tell you...the service that was provided by ESSpa Kozmetika is above all others! You will come highly recommended, actually a visit to ESSpa Kozmetika is a must! Thank you again...I’m sure we will see you again soon. ~ Anthony B.

"This was a wonderful surprised nestled in Aspinwall. I was taken here as a birthday surprise and had a day of pampering to my delight! The staff were hospitable, had mimosas for the guests, as well as herbal teas and lemonaid. The treatment rooms tucked in the back of the facility transported you to a quiet French street with the different "store fronts" individual rooms for the masssages, the facials, and such. (trompe d'l'oiel) The lighting was low and relaxing, and the bathrobes plush and warm., and the staff very attentive. I had a delightful lunch that came from a neighboring restaurant. My manicure and pedicure were blissful, and i had such a glow afterwards. I really love my finace, and this just was icing on the cake at a superb spa. Definately going back!" ~ submitted by Pam812 through SpaFinder

I have to tell you that the massage I got today was the best I have ever had. What a wonderful person and a real artist - I feel 100% better as a result of her massage! My experience today will bring me back and I will recommend your spa to my friends and family. ~ Christine D.

Eva- When you said to lay there and relax the other night after my facial I’ll bet you never thought I’d take you up on it. I woke myself up snoring!!!!!!!!!!!! And I should be embarrassed that you had to wake me up and ask me to leave but that’s the most comfortable I’ve been in a long time…thanks. ~ Mary M.

Eva, I just wanted to take the time to send this email. I have been in the spa a few times getting different treatments....The only difference between everyone else and I is that I'm deaf. Communication does pose a problem at times. I have to say that everyone has been so helpful and I have felt really comfortable. After my facial, I was so impressed with how soft and moisturized my face felt, I had to ask which products she used. I ended up buying the Nasberry treatment cream. To this day, I love it! I just wanted to thank you and the spa for being so patience and accommodating at times. I know it is not easy, especially with how busy you are. Again, thank you. ~ Michelle P

I used the new vitamin C serum this morning. What a wonderful product! I don't know if I have ever told you this but I think a woman's hands give away her age more than her face and that is why everything that goes on my face goes on the backs of my hands. My hands are singing today. ~ Carol S

Wonderful!!!!!! Esspa has the best products for people who want to improve their skin. Karen Hertzog makes the best cleansing milk and mild scrub and along with a microderm and facial, my skin looks 10 years younger! No plastic surgery needed! Everyone I have tried is highly skilled and trained, LOVE IT!!! ~ Posted on citysearch.com by joaniebec on June 6th

Heaven.... I had the most amazing facial and pedicure! Highly recommended and great for Fox Chapel residents! ~ Posted on citysearch.com by jennyvar on June 4th

Eva ~ You were so kind to me at my first facial that my boss, Candice K., treated me to, and your skin looked so incredible! Thank you so much ~ Gail S, Esq.

Hi Eva, I loved my Spa experience this past Tuesday with Elena and everyone that I met. It was gracious and elegant living. Thanks so much. ~ Margie

Dear Eva, First, I want to thank you for being so patient in setting up the facial appointments and luncheon for my daughter, stepdaughter, and daughter in law on May 23. They all enjoyed the facials, and we had a pleasant and long lunch following. The advice you gave to my daughter, Hillary, was so helpful. The message about not smoking and the information on cleansing made an impression (she bought the toner you recommended). Thanks again ~ Nancy C

Dear Eva, Hi! I am sorry about the order. I do appreciate that you take the added step to make sure that it is really someone's card as I have been a victim of credit card fraud. Thanks again ~ Alison D

Dear Eva, Thanks for sending the EvaSavers Emails – I will take you up on it soon! I’ve never been to your salon, but I hear such nice things. Now that I work in the area, I will be able to swing by after work. If you ever have last minute specials in the evenings, please let me know! ~ Nancy

Dear Eva, I have been using the starter kit I purchased from you. These products are unlike any other! I am actually an esthetician in New Orleans, and I am so excited by this line! Many thanks for your help. If I could look even half as good as you do, I'd be ecstatic! ~ Jen A.